Testimonials from clients who have recieved SKART treatment


I had been suffering groin pain and pain in my right knee for several years. It was quite severe, and my mobility was decreasing, and I was less able to carry out my hobby of gardening. I had treatment and after three visits there was a marked change. I felt much better, there was less pain and the groin pain was down from a scale of 10 really painful to one, the general pain has now reduced from level nine to zero. My knee pain was also much improved. After treatment I'm able to enjoy my gardening much more and no longer use a walking stick. Additionally, I have far less need for the paracetamol that I was taking, just the occasional tablet. I can say that the treatment has made a marked difference to my life with greater mobility and a far less pain.


For about 18 months I had been feeling quite unwell with a swimming head heavy lakes, palpitations as well as headaches and neck ache. These symptoms were quite severe before treatment and seriously affected my job and personal life.

Results from the treatment began to show after just two weeks and after six weeks I felt totally different. I felt well, my head had ceased to swim, my legs no longer ached and the headaches and neck pain stopped. It is unbelievable that in such a short time I could be relieved of such pain and discomfort. My sleep improved as well as my moods because I was no longer in pain. The effects are long-lasting and nine months later there has been no relapse.


I had experienced a trapped nerve in my back for six weeks before treatment and had been unable to work. The pain was very severe and affected my life, causing me to lose sleep and feel very low. I had six treatments and even after the first treatment the pain in my back and leg improved considerably. I have now been able to give up taking painkillers and have returned to work. The quality of my life has improved beyond recognition now that I'm no longer in pain. There have been no relapses and I am still feeling fine. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with the same problem.


I have suffered with arthritis in my neck and shoulders for several years. The doctors said there was nothing that could be done just take strong painkillers which adversely affected my digestive system. The condition was extremely painful and severely affected my work and my life. After the first treatment there was a marked improvement in my neck and the continuous headache went away. I had about eight treatments and there was hardly any pain at the end of the treatment. I have also been able to reduce considerably the amount of medication that I take. Prior to treatment I was living a semi – normal life but now I am able to be more active and continue with my jobs. To be without pain is just wonderful.


I had been suffering neck and shoulder and arm pain for over a year. I had five treatments and the level of pain reduced considerably. I began to see improvements after just two treatments. The level of pain on the scale of one to 10 reduced from eight down to about one or two. I felt slightly sore after the treatment but the reduction in pain and improvement in my life more than compensated that.


I suffered pain in my neck and numbness. The neck problem was exacerbated after a fall. I noticed an improvement immediately after the first treatment. And after a couple of treatments the neck problem and numbness completely subsided.


I had been suffering problems with my right hip groin pain and in the pain. The level of pain for all of these conditions was quite severe and affected my everyday life. After the first treatment the pain was much improved and with further treatments the pain in my groin went completely. My quality of life has much improved.


I was suffering from muscle tightness spasm in my neck head and shoulders and this went down my back and also caused headaches. The pain was severe and caused distress. The first benefit after a treatment was not having headaches and my flexibility in my neck area was a lot better the pain improved considerably.


I was experiencing pain in my upper limbs especially my right shoulder and this was coupled with numbness. I saw a marked improvement in the pain immediately and after a couple of treatments the numbness subsided. The benefits from the treatment have continued and I am able to enjoy a pain-free retirement.


I was experiencing severe pain in both my shoulders. On the scale of one to 10 the pain was a level 8 and severely affected my life and my hobbies. After the first treatment I had a greater movement. After further treatments the pain went and I now have full movement. I am able to resume everyday tasks such as doing up my shoes and washing my hair. Other benefits have included improved sleep, posture and a feeling of well-being.

Having suffered "back pain" for twelve years, I didn’t hold out much hope of a cure. I went to see Amanda She asked about my medical history and treatment began. My "back pain" was finally diagnosed as Pubic Bone Dysfunction, which made sense. After all this time, it was good to know exactly what it was and even better knowing that it is unlikely that there will be no need to take medication again. I realize that back problems can be difficult to deal with, it seems to be so easy to be told its sciatica, disc trouble, lumbago or whatever. What exactly are these troubles? It seems such a pity that in this, the 21st Century, that at each G.P. practice, the medics can perhaps be a little apprehensive of Complementary measures. I would certainly recommend this treatment to anyone, it's painless and drug free. Most importantly, it works. I felt so much better even after the first session, in fact felt 99.9% better. The only thing I felt afterwards was slight giddiness for about 10 seconds, it's so good to be able to go for a walk for more than 10 minutes. Many thanks for such a brilliant job.