This is an amazing technique for boosting energy and counteracting mind block. Helps the left and right brain work together. The brain is bathed in cerebral-spinal fluid. This liquid performs several functions. It protects the brain inside the skull from injury by acting as a hydraulic shock absorber.

If a car battery were filled with just distilled water and no acid, no current would flow. The electrical ions use the acid molecules as transport. Similarly, the brain is an electro-chemical device which uses electric currents to operate.

Stagnation of the cerebral-spinal fluid results in impaired communication within the brain. This also affects the relationships between the brain and the body. This can result in many types of co-ordination problems that can be helped by a very simple exercise. Each movement is merely a type of walking movement, somewhat exaggerated. It involves the use of the opposite limbs together, for example left arm right leg then right arm left leg, such as in exaggerated marching. It is also effective when performed lying flat.

Great benefit is derived from doing this exercise even just a few times. It helps stimulate the flow of the vital cerebral-spinal fluid, and a list of some of the advantages of using this exercise is given below.

There are several different types of cross crawl. I have only included a couple

1) Exaggerated marching

2) Knee touch – bring knees up in turn, left hand touch right knee right hand touch left knee.

Do it to your favorite music! Select different rhythms for the different exercises to suit the speed that is comfortable for you. Make it part of your daily routine of exercise. You will be pleasantly surprised at the affect after even just a few days.

  • It is simple and it works! Raises IQ and it is fun! 
  • Relieves stiffness Improves balance & strength
  • Improves health awareness Improves stroke patients
  • Improves circulation & co-ordination Improves brain damage recovery
  • Improves slow learning & dyslexia Improves vision sharpness
  • Improves memory & learning Improves fitness & energy levels
  • Improves lymph flow Improves digestion
  • Improves blood pressure Reduces stress
  • Balances L/R brain Balances emotions & supports clearer thinking