LicAc, RGN Cert Ed, First Aid Trainer, REIKI Master Practioner, NLP (Neuro Linguist Programming) Master Practioner, EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapist) Practitioner, Forest School Instructor, Lecturer and freelance writer.

Amanda has been working in the health care profession for over 30 years and has immense expertise and experience in her area. Amanda is the founder and CEO of SKART International. SKART (Structural Kinesiology Acupressure Release Technique) is a cutting-edge new diagnostic and therapeutic technique designed, trialed and used for the efficient management of back, neck, hip and leg pain.

Amanda qualified as a nurse (RGN) back in 1989 and shortly after developed back problems due to lifting patients in addition to contracting ME. This subsequently sent her on a journey of discovery. She traveled to China to study basic acupuncture with a group of trainee doctors. When she returned, she completed 3-years training to become a qualified acupuncturist from the British Acupuncture Association in London. Whilst she  trained, she was employed at the Center for the Study of Complementary Medicine (CSCM) in Southampton, where she worked as a practice nurse. She then moved on to run an NHS Chronic pain clinic for 18 years for the NHS in Poole. Amanda has been on a lifelong journey into complimentary therapy searching for answers and cures. This led her to train as an advanced Kinesiologist, Reiki master, NLP master practitioner and EFT therapist, whereby she cured herself of a number of issues along the way. In order to share her passion and knowledge, she also qualified as a Certified teacher (Cert Ed) so she could start training people in the subjects that she is passionate about. She  continues to run a busy private clinic in the heart of the New Forest.

Amanda believes

-All health problems can be defined as having either a structural, chemical or emotional cause. In assessing a patient’s health problem all three aspects must be considered. SKART is the first of the three areas of treatment.

 1 - Structural: - Structural problems represent one side of a triangle and can cause illness and disease due to: trapped nerves; reduce blood supply; blocked Lymphatics; and excess, deficient or imbalanced acupressure meridian.

 2 - Chemical / Environmental: -This second side to the triangle can cause illness and disease due to nutritional deficiency, food allergies, chemical stresses, virus, parasites and toxic overload.

 3 - Emotional: - The final side of the triangle is completed by looking at the clinical symptoms caused by emotional stresses on the body caused by daily life.

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