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SKART International has been set up to provide cutting edge training in the areas of physical and mental health.

Our on-line courses have been meticulously written and complied to comprehensively teach and train diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, for use in Practitioner environments or by individuals themselves in home care.

The techniques taught by SKART International have been established through trials, to ensure effective use in, and efficient management of, many poor health conditions.

The techniques are safe and simple to use, with far-reaching benefits that can reduce pain (both physical and emotional) and deliver an improved quality of life. 

Our courses are intended for Practitioners who wish to expand their treatment offerings by adding new therapeutic and diagnostic tools to their skill set, professionals who are looking for a new career in our field, or indeed individuals who fundamentally wish to manage their own health and well-being in the best and most effective way possible.

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 1/ The SKART Practitioner Course

Our primary and most popular course, SKART (Structural Kinesiology Acupressure Release Technique) teaches a newly      developed diagnostic and therapeutic technique, designed for the efficient reduction and management of stiffness,  discomfort and pain, resulting from structural stress and injury. SKART is a safe and simple technique, that when applied to  the body, the Practitioner can identify and then treat a spectrum of conditions, in an effective, very gentle, non-forceful  manner, delivering corrective treatment.

SKART Therapy uses an assessment method called Kinesiology to check a patient, to pinpoint areas affected by poor health  conditions. Kinesiology is a biofeedback interaction process that connects with the body’s subconscious by testing muscle  resistance, as a way to measure the motor response of the central nervous system to a sensory challenge. Using this  clinically verified diagnostic approach, a therapist can establish real time information on problem areas, confirming where  treatment is required. For example, in a case of back problems, (which can also result in referred pain in other areas of the  body, such as a ‘tight chest’), each cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral spinal vertebra is muscle tested. If a particular  vertebra shows as ‘weak’ in the muscle response, this is an indication that the selected vertebra is ‘out of place’. The  Kinesiology testing is then followed up with a very gentle, non-force physical manipulation, the acupressure release  technique, at a corresponding point, which realigns the problem area, helping to reduce and clear pain. Once treated, the  same muscle testing process is repeated to confirm that any correction has held.

Successful completion of the course secures accredited certification to practice through both SKART INTERNATIONAL and  IICT, including confirmed eligibility for Professional Practice Insurance.

There are nearly 10 Million people in the UK who suffer from long term back pain alone. SKART can make a difference to  the quality of life of many.

2/ EFT Emotional Freedom Therapy Course 

Our Emotional Freedom Therapy Course teaches a method of stimulating acupressure points whilst focusing on a particular issue. Each acupressure point is linked to a specific acupuncture meridian and each meridian is linked to specific emotions. By performing systematic ‘tapping’ on specific points, a process of ‘flushing’ out the concerning issue is instigated. EFT helps balance the autonomic nervous system and promotes balance in the body and mind.

EFT is painless, quick and simple to learn, with a remarkably high application rate. Painful trauma memories can be ‘dissolved’ resulting in an immediate feeling of relief as blocked energy is released.

EFT can also be used to relieve physical conditions to help with pain, boost immunity and alleviate conditions such as depression.

EFT can help rid our ‘systems’ of weaknesses and increase our strengths. We can let go of worry, clear issues and break habits and addictions. 

SKART INTERNATIONAL provides career enhancing training to the highest of standards.

We would be delighted to welcome you in joining us, to learn ground breaking techniques that will make a difference and help to heal.

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